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President of the University - Kazuo Oike

A Message Regarding My Post as President

The central principle of our university is “Toward a Kyoto Renaissance,” as expounded by the founder Shochoku Tokuyama before the start of the 21st century. As written, I believe that the continuous diligent pursuit of art and culture will lead us to an aspiring future, and, with that spirit, I come to this university as president. Successive generations of presidents have built the foundation of this highest institution of education while inheriting the spirit of the founding principle, a “Future Built on the Arts.” I am determined to concentrate my effort on further development while continuing in this tradition.

Our university has contributed to the growth of global art and culture. While maintaining standards of art-related education and research in a wide range of fields, many faculty members have put great effort, and many alumni have cooperated to support that growth. Furthermore, through our activity, we have received support and cooperation from various fields. For all of this, I give my heartfelt appreciation.

Standing here at Kyoto University of Art and Design on Mt. Uryu, my study now begins by again asking the question, “What is art?” My challenge is to work with faculty members and students to create true art from here. My goal is to bring peace to the world with the power of art and learning, in cooperation with people all over the world, especially with universities in East Asia.

At our university, faculty members include active artists and teaching staff from various fields who go beyond specific departments and who are ready and waiting to draw out the potentiality of students. It is because of these teachers who are at the leading edge of academia and art that it is possible to send forth many talented graduates to the world. I take it as my mission to further broaden and extend the special characteristics of this university.

Whether with academics, art, or sports, the most important thing is to acquire the techniques of the field. University offers this chance to students. University is a place to meet people. We hope that students will meet friends who can help cultivate their characters and study. When fellow students who believe in the power of art come together, a great energy is born and that place becomes a base point for the creation of culture and art. The fact that Kyoto University of Art and Design is located in the Kyoto Basin gives our students a special privilege. Kyoto has more than 1300 years of history, and it is a rare city in the world, one that is still continuing to develop. While cherishing this privilege, and placing themselves in the tradition and vitality of Kyoto, we hope that the students enjoy their academic years.

Chancellor, Uryuyama Academic Foundation Morihiro Hosokawa

President, Kyoto University of Art and Design

Kazuo Oike

Born: 1940
Major fields of study: Seismology (Specifically, seismic generation mechanisms,
seismic tectonics, seismic premonitory phenomenon etc.)

Academic Background

March 1963 Graduated from Kyoto University, Faculty of Science (Geophysics)
March 1972 Kyoto University, Doctor of Science

Professional Background

April 1963 Kyoto University, Disaster Prevention Research Institute Assistant
May 1973 Kyoto University, Disaster Prevention Research Institute Assistant Professor
December 1988 Kyoto University, Faculty of Science, Professor
November 1994 ~ November 1996 Kyoto University, Councilor
April 1995 Kyoto University, Graduate School of Science, Professor (Organization changed)
April 1997 ~ March 1999 Kyoto University, Graduate School of Science, Director, Head of Faculty of Science, Councilor
April 2001 ~ December 2003 Kyoto University, Vice President
December 2003 ~ September 2008 Kyoto University, President
October 2008 ~ March 2009 Invited to be a Fellow of the International Institute for Advanced Studies
April 2009 ~ March 2013 Director of the International Institute for Advanced Studies
April 2013 ~ Kyoto University of Art and Design, President

Primary Concurrent Posts

1985 ~ 1986 Chairman of Seismological Society
1991 ~ 1997 Science Council of Japan, Seismology Research Liaison Committee Chairman
1995 ~ 1997 Science Council of Japan, Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Investigation Special Committee Board Member
1996 ~ 1998 Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto City, Osaka Prefecture, Osaka City Active Fault Investigation Committee Chairman
2004 ~ 2008 Association of National Universities, Trustee
2008 ~ Japan Geopark Committee, Chairman

Social Activities

Member of Seismological Society of Japan
Member of Japan Society for Disaster Information Studies
Member of Association of Haiku Poets
Member of Geodetic Society of Japan
Member of Nagasaki Earth Science Association
Member of Himuro Haiku Society
Himuro Haiku Society Vice President
Member of Japan Society for Natural Disaster Science
Earthquake Prediction Liaison Meeting Board Member, Science and Technology Council Interim Member, National Polar
Region Laboratory Councilor, Kyoto City City Planning Council Member, Kyoto City Disaster Prevention Conference Specialist